Neil Harrison

Joint Co-ordinator for MelaNoMore Buddies & Committee Member

Neil Harrison Bio

Now retired and enjoying cycling.
When I was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2016, it was as if a one tonne weight had been placed on my shoulders. Life suddenly took a turn I was far from expecting. You take it for granted that life would continue to a ripe old age, but then you are faced with the prospect this might not be so. How do you adjust to this dramatic turn in events? Well, I just carried on as normal, I went to work but I had lost all focus, work had become just a distraction. I was consumed by the uncertainty of what was to come. Family life continued, friends would say that everything would be fine – just look at all the success stories there are – but would it? On the surface I was the same person but those nagging doubts were always there.
Compared to some, my treatment was straightforward; the surgeons dug out the offending moles, cleaned up the surrounding tissues, removed a single lymph node and kept me under regular surveillance. To date no further cancer has been detected – and long may that continue.
That heavy weight has now disappeared and life continues as normal. It is of great comfort to know that there are many people and organisations out there willing to offer help for those suffering with melanoma. The MelaNoMore group are a great bunch of people and we welcome all new members wishing to join.
Never be too proud to ask for help, we all need it at times and if I can be of assistance to anyone I am only a phone call away.

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