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MelaNoMore and this website has been created to help anyone affected by Melanoma who is or have been treated at the following NHS Trusts: Royal Surrey County Hospital, Ashford & St Peters, East Surrey Hospital, and Frimley Park Hospital.

We are a Social and Support Group who can help put you in touch with other people who have been through or are going through what you are facing now. We can also point you in the direction of help or advice. We have all been there in different ways and talking often helps. You are not alone!

St Luke's Cancer Centre

F2F, Telephone & Video Consultations

Slots will be booked for Blood Tests or book online @ swiftqueue.co.uk

Drive past Medication Collection;
located at front of St Luke’s

Thursday, Feb 22

Current Membership = 75

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Royal Surrey NHS

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Fountain Centre


Fountain Centre Relaxation Handout
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Our Facebook 'MelaNoMore Support Group" is now fully active

It is under the supervision of Vibeke Dewar who is keen for new members to join the current discussions.

Covid-19 Vaccination for Patients on Anti-Cancer Therapy

Anti-Cancer Therapies including Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, other antibody treatments or Radiotherapy – Should you be Vaccinated?

Click here to view the Patient Information Leaflet from Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust.

For Linked Hospitals in the Guildford Area

The following have a link to St Luke’s

1. Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital
2. East Surrey Hospital
3. Frimley Park Hospital

Talk More

Through social & virtual events, such as our Wellbeing Webinars, where everyone can meet, chat and seek advice. We have now returned to "real" social gatherings.

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Learn More

As well as running educational events, we have a website where lots of information about Melanoma, will be easily accessible and pooled into one simple point of access.

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Support More

We have set up the MelaNoMore Buddies, who team up on a one-to-one basis with Friends going through similar experiences, providing friendship and a listening ear.


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