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Please find below a Contact Form where you can enter your details to join us as a member of the MelaNoMore Support Group. Your Clinician will provide guidance if required.

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# Access to Buddies Service
# Wellbeing Programme each year

Testimonials following review of membership 4Q21

Love to be involved and well done with all you do for MelaNoMore 👍👍 All in All it’s an amazing Care Team at St Luke’s

BP 18th October 2021

VC Exercise Ralph Manders Session 16Feb22 feedback

“I found it very interesting to hear what Ralph had to say and it is exactly what I needed to hear at this point it my journey. To get confirmation from him that all movement or exercise we do is important, not just having to go to a gym to get ‘fit’,that really helped me”

VD 23 February 2022

“An interesting talk which enthused me to get up off the settee and go for a walk!”
SNH 23 Febuary 2022
“Motivational helping hand for us all.”

CFB 24 February 2022

“I found the presentation, useful and motivating,informative and interesting.”
PMcD 25 February 2022

VC Management of locally Advanced Melanoma Farrokh Pakzad 16Mar22 feedback

Really looking forward to the talk on 16 March.
Also really liked the article in the newsletter about the blood test trial.

JS 5th March 2022

Talk More

Through social & virtual events, such as our Wellbeing Webinars, where everyone can meet, chat and seek advice. We have now returned to "real" social gatherings.

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Learn More

As well as running educational events, we have a website where lots of information about Melanoma, will be easily accessible and pooled into one simple point of access.

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Support More

We have set up the MelaNoMore Buddies, who team up on a one-to-one basis with Friends going through similar experiences, providing friendship and a listening ear.


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