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Watch Our BBC Lifeline Appeal

Our BBC Lifeline Appeal is first airing this Sunday (28th) on BBC One:

Sunday 28th May at 12:50 – Scotland only
Sunday 28th May at 14:05 – England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Watch, share and donate this Sunday as we raise the profile of Melanoma Focus to a national audience.

For every pound donated, it will be match-funded pound for pound up to £12,500.

Join Owain Wyn Evans as he explores how Melanoma Focus’ services have made a real difference to the lives of Lucy, Jen and Jess.

If you are unable to watch the Sunday broadcast times don’t worry, the appeal will be shown again on BBC Two on Tuesday 30th May at 08:50 (UK) and will be available on BBC iPlayer for 3 weeks from Sunday.

Meet the Wonderful People Featured in Our Appeal

Lucy has been living with, and treated for, stage 4 (metastatic) melanoma for coming up to 10 years. Like many cancer patients, Lucy lives life between her 3-monthly scans and there is always the fear her current treatment could suddenly stop working. She keeps up to date with the knowledge of potential new treatments through Melanoma Focus’ TrialFinder and the annual Melanoma Patient Conference.

Jen’s husband James was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer in 2019. Shocked and devastated Jen and James both turned to the Melanoma Focus Helpline, finding it to be the best expert resource for caring, information and support when they needed it most. James sadly passed away in 2022. Jen believes that without the support and guidance of the Melanoma Focus Helpline James would have died a lot sooner. It gave them extra time with their new born baby and a chance to make lasting memories together.

Jess was diagnosed with melanoma in November 2018. As the mother of two small children, who “are my world”, her future with them was suddenly uncertain; “melanoma is like a bomb exploding in your world”. Determined to find credible resources to help her understand her altered landscape, she discovered the Melanoma Patient Conference. founded by the wonderful Imogen Cheese, trustee of Melanoma Focus. Jess says “The conference is THE key date in my diary and the Melanoma Helpline is a lifeline to me”.

Our work would not be possible without your support.
Thank you very much from all of us at Melanoma Focus.

Melanoma Focus November Newsletter
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  2. Role of Skin Cancer Nurse Specialists
  3. Melanoma Healthcare Professional Mtg 2022
  4. Melanoma Patient Conference 2023
  5. Patient Research: Benefits and Risks of Melanoma Treatment
  6. Melanoma Focus Christmas E-Cards
  7. Melanoma Stages and Treatment-Patient Guide (reminder)
  8. Additional Resources after diagnosis (finance etc)
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Melanoma Focus February Newsletter

1. BBC Lifeline Appeal
2. Melanoma Focus Virtual Regional Meeting May 2023
3. Call for Research Proposals 2023
4. Melanoma Focus Doctors Census 2023
5. Skin Cancer Nurse Survey
6. Melanoma Patient Conference 2023 16 & 17 March
7. New Pages on stage 2B & 2C Adjuvant Melanoma Treatment
8. VAT Burn Campaign
9. One Cancer Voice
10. 100 miles in May is Back
11. Ultra Challenge
12. Royal Parks Half Marathon 2023
13. Melanoma Helpline

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Update of Metastatic Surveillance of Uveal Melanoma – Invitation for Expressions of Interest

Melanoma Focus has begun preparatory work to set up a Guideline Development Group (GDG) to update metastatic surveillance of Uveal Melanoma (UM) guideline which was originally published in 2015. In 2020 a partial update was undertaken and published in 2022 and is available on the Melanoma Focus website. 

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Melanoma Patient Guide & Melanoma TrialFinder

The Melanoma TrialFinder


We are so pleased to launch the Melanoma TrialFinder. There are two versions of this searchable resource; one for patients and one for healthcare professionals where you can search for UK clinical trials. We aim to increase the understanding of trials (medical research studies involving patients) and improve access and patient satisfaction.

The Melanoma Patient Guide: Stages & Treatment

We are delighted to announce that following on from extensive patient consultations, our Patient Decision Aid has now been re-launched as the Melanoma Stages and Treatment – Patient Guide.

Melanoma Focus brought together a panel of healthcare professionals and melanoma patients to create and add new information, including how melanomas are diagnosed, procedures, treatments and well-being


Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma

We have created a new guide which is designed to help patients decide whether adjuvant therapy is right for them. It can be used to help patients discuss their options with their medical team, as they will know the patient’s individual case. They can let patients know about the benefits of treatment and any side effects that may be specific to them.

This guide covers information about the potential risks and benefits of adjuvant treatment for stage 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D.

Stages 2B & 2C added Feb23.


New website: Launching new assets


Our new website is set to be a vital source of melanoma information with a whole host of new and updated resources now available, including the new Melanoma Patient Guide, Melanoma TrialFinder and new explainer videos and animations.

We’ve also added new information pages for patients covering subjects such as vitamin D and fertility, in addition to enhanced sun safety and skin awareness for the general public.

Please do take a moment to explore the new content and our updated tools:


Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Animations

We have produced two animated videos to help patients understand sentinel lymph node biopsies.

Our first animation explains the lymphatic system and why patients may have been offered a sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Our second  animation explains what happens during the procedure and the potential risks.

We hope that our new videos will act as a useful resource for professionals to share with their patients.

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