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Welcome to the February 2024 Melanoma Focus Newsletter

We hope our newsletter finds you well!

Melanoma Patient Conference 2024

29th February to 1st March 2024

BDNG Patient Choice Awards
The British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG) are hosting an award event in April 2024 in London. One of the categories is The Patient Choice Award and they would like to invite members of the public to nominate a dermatology nurse who has made a difference to them or a loved one. To nominate a dermatology nurse for exceptional care and treatment, please click here. The closing date for nomination is 23 February 2024.


Melanoma Focus Helpline

Welcome to the November 2023 Melanoma Focus Newsletter

We hope our newsletter finds you well! With winter just around the corner we can be forgiven for putting sun protection to the back of our mind, but please remember to continue practising sun safety if you are going away over the winter period. Remember to keep up with your monthly skin checks to help you monitor any changes to your skin.

Melanoma Patient Guide & Melanoma TrialFinder

The Melanoma TrialFinder


We are so pleased to launch the Melanoma TrialFinder. There are two versions of this searchable resource; one for patients and one for healthcare professionals where you can search for UK clinical trials. We aim to increase the understanding of trials (medical research studies involving patients) and improve access and patient satisfaction.

The Melanoma Patient Guide: Stages & Treatment

We are delighted to announce that following on from extensive patient consultations, our Patient Decision Aid has now been re-launched as the Melanoma Stages and Treatment – Patient Guide.

Melanoma Focus brought together a panel of healthcare professionals and melanoma patients to create and add new information, including how melanomas are diagnosed, procedures, treatments and well-being


Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma

We have created a new guide which is designed to help patients decide whether adjuvant therapy is right for them. It can be used to help patients discuss their options with their medical team, as they will know the patient’s individual case. They can let patients know about the benefits of treatment and any side effects that may be specific to them.

This guide covers information about the potential risks and benefits of adjuvant treatment for stage 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D.

Stages 2B & 2C added Feb23.


New website: Launching new assets


Our new website is set to be a vital source of melanoma information with a whole host of new and updated resources now available, including the new Melanoma Patient Guide, Melanoma TrialFinder and new explainer videos and animations.

We’ve also added new information pages for patients covering subjects such as vitamin D and fertility, in addition to enhanced sun safety and skin awareness for the general public.

Please do take a moment to explore the new content and our updated tools:


Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Animations

We have produced two animated videos to help patients understand sentinel lymph node biopsies.

Our first animation explains the lymphatic system and why patients may have been offered a sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Our second  animation explains what happens during the procedure and the potential risks.

We hope that our new videos will act as a useful resource for professionals to share with their patients.

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Talk More

Through social & virtual events, such as our Wellbeing Webinars, where everyone can meet, chat and seek advice. We have now returned to "real" social gatherings.

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Learn More

As well as running educational events, we have a website where lots of information about Melanoma, will be easily accessible and pooled into one simple point of access.

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Support More

We have set up the MelaNoMore Buddies, who team up on a one-to-one basis with Friends going through similar experiences, providing friendship and a listening ear.


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