Sun Safety

Guidelines to ensure protection from the sun. Provided by Melanoma Charities & Support Groups.

Sun Awareness Week runs first week in May each year.

May is Melanoma Awareness Month.

Everyone is free to wear sunscreen Baz Luhrmann 1987

Melanoma Awareness ~ Sun Safety

ABCDE & F of Skin Cancer

Melanoma Awareness ~ Sun Safety

Checking Your Skin

Melanoma Awareness ~ Sun Safety

Fun in the Sun

Melanoma Awareness ~ Sun Safety

Melanoma Facts

Melanoma Awareness ~ Sun Safety

Staying Safe in the Sun

Sun Safety

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Melanoma Focus Sun Safety

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Sun Awareness Week runs early May each year.

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Melanoma skin cancer

Melanoma skin cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with around 17,500 cases diagnosed each year. Some melanomas develop from existing moles, but the rest grow on what was previously normal skin.

☑️ The ABCDE checklist explains what signs to look for:

Asymmetrical – Melanomas are likely to have an uneven shape.

Border – Melanomas are more likely to have irregular edges (border) that might be blurred or jagged.

Colour – Melanomas are often an uneven colour and contain more than one shade.

Diameter – Most melanomas are more than 6mm wide.

Evolving – Melanomas might change in size, shape or colour. Or you might notice other changes such as a mole bleeding, itching or becoming crusty.  (4Aug23)

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